CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. Maintains a Large Inventory of Equipment to Service our Clients Construction, Repair and Maintenance Requirements.

Underwater Still Shot and Video Cameras Photographs or videos of various underwater objects can be obtained for permanent documentation during inspections.

Hydraulic Units / Hydraulic Tools The hydraulic unit is used to run a scrubbing unit for the hull and running gear cleaning and propeller polishing as well as drills, saws, hammers and other hydraulic tools for accomplishing various underwater tasks.

Pneumatic Tools Various tools such as grinders, chippers, drills, impacts, and needle guns for doing a wide range of jobs.

Hydroblasting Unit The hydro blasting unit utilizes pressurized water for the cleaning of metal, wooden, fiber glass and concrete surfaces.

Sulair Air Compressor / Air Lift Equipment The Sulair 185 air compressor allows for the operation of a wide range of pneumatic tools. The compressor combined with the air lifting equipment allows for the rapid removal of various subaqueous sediments and other debris.

Welding Machines / Cutting Torches / Welding Stingers Welding machines are used in conjunction with underwater cutting torches and underwater welding stingers to do a wide range of cutting and welding jobs.

Cofferdams A large inventory of plugs and cofferdams from 1" diameter up to patches measuring 60" x 144" as well as materials for stern tube wraps and all additional equipment such as vents, eductors, J-bolts, etc. CBD, Inc. also has shop construction capabilities for building most types of flat and small box cofferdams.

42 Foot Twin Propeller Aluminum Dive Boat

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