Ships Husbandry CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. has the ability to design, manufacture, and install any cofferdam a vessel may need. CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. can help your shipping or towing agency set up a maintenance schedule inclusive of hull inspections, hull cleanings, propeller polishings, and seachest cleanings in order to lower fuel costs and insure hull integrity

Construction CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. has the manpower and equipment to service your construction needs. Form work, welding, burning, epoxy injection, and jacketing-whatever your construction needs may be.

Salvage CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. has the resources and experience to safely recover any vessel that you may require to be salvaged. We also have the ability to cleanly extract petroleum or other products from submerged vessels with regards to the safety of the local ecosystem.

Power Generation CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. service your plant needs. With turn key performance CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. can install stop logs, clean intake gratings and trash racks, repair or replace valves, and any other maintenance or repairs that you may require.

Pipeline CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. has the means to locate and inspect submerged and buried pipelines to verify coverage prior to potential exposure. CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING,INC. can also perform any other pipeline maintenance that you may need.

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